About Us

At Atlantic Mold Solutions we are passionate about providing exceptional mold testing and removal services. With extensive experience under our belts coupled with an unwavering commitment towards excellence; we have become a trusted name within this industry over time.

We take pride in being able committed professionals who prioritize customer satisfaction above all else – always going that extra mile for each client!

Our team is comprised of skilled technicians equipped with cutting edge technology ensuring accurate results every single time. We understand how important it is to maintain clean indoor air quality at home or workplace environments alike which is why we strive hard daily to deliver only top notch solutions tailored specifically arround your unique needs as per location requirements. where possible we also offer same day service so you can breathe easy knowing help is just one phone call away!

Our Objective

Our primary goal is straightforward yet vital: ensuring that the air you breathe in remains pure and free from irritants. We understand how mold/mildew growth or unpleasant odors can have an impact on your health and the structural integrity of your home – hence why we are dedicated to providing reliable remedies along with exceptional solutions for tackling these issues head-on!

Our commitment towards achieving this objective drives us every single day; so rest assured knowing that when it comes down to maintaining clean indoor environments,we’ve got everything covered!

Eco-Friendly and Safe Practices

Our commitment to safeguarding both people adn the planet is at the core of everything we do. Thats why when it comes time for mold or mildew removal services we use only All-Green Chemicals – a line that’s been rigorously tested for safety in areas where children and pets reside. Our remediation package guarantees an unparalleled level of protection against future infestations by ensuring no trace remains after treatment; giving you peace of mind knowing your home will remain free from harmful contaminants for years to come!

Prevention and Timely Removal

We understand taht preventing mold issues is key to maintaining a healthy home environment. Thats why we offer customized maintenance plans tailored specifically for your homes unique needs. Our goal isn’t just about solving current problems but also ensuring they don’t arise again in the future by taking proactive measures now. Trust us – its worth it!

Comprehensive Services

Our comprehensive range of solutions for improving indoor air quality includes crawl space and cellar ventilation systems as well as advanced filtration technologies. We take pride in offering the worlds most sophisticated air purifier – IQAir HealthPro Plus- which effectively eliminates allergens, odors, mold spores and omre from your environment.

Your Trust Is Our Priority

At Atlantic Mold Solutions we understand that trust is paramount when dealing with mold related problems. Thats why we have established a team of certified, insured and highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing exceptional solutions. Whether you require an individual sample analysis or comprehensive interior air quality testing our experts possess the knowledge and expertise necessary for addressing any type of mold issue promptly and efficiently without compromising on quality. We take pride in being able to provide peace of mind by tackling even complex cases effectively while maintaining high standards throughout every step of the process. Trust us – your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Atlantic Mold Solutions is honored to be considered as a reliable option for mold testing and removal. We are excited about helping you create a healthier living space by improving your breathing environment. Thank you for considering us!